Top 5 Spam Backlinks Checkers You Need For A Clean SEO

Top 5 Spam Backlinks Checkers You Need For A Clean SEO
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Spammy backlinks from automated link building, link exchange schemes, and other negative SEO tactics can attract severe Google penalties. These punishments can range from lowered search engine rankings to manual Webspam actions and even site removal or de-indexing.

Backlinks are part of search engine algorithms and affect the ranking of your website. A clean SEO backlink profile supports the website’s ranking and prevents search engine penalties. It also increases your site’s online credibility, and people trust your business more. Spam backlink checkers filter and control elaborated effects of dangerous links. They help you determine negative links linking to your site and examine and discard them to improve your site’s health, ensuring it competes favorably in the SERPs. This post highlights the five best spam backlink checkers for beginner and experienced SEO experts in 2024.


Ahrefs has an extensive backlink analysis tool set for scrutinizing the links to your website. Its significant database includes tools that provide solid and fresh link information and measure backlink quality and spam score to help you detect breaches in the linking domain. This spam backlinks checker also has detailed reports on referring domains, the anchor text, and link growth that help you inspect your backlink profiles.

Furthermore, its friendly interface simplifies user data, while the disavow file generator creates and submits disavow files to Google for discarding. Overall, this tool is pricier than average spam link checkers, with more features and updates for users who are really into in-depth SEO metrics. It also takes some time to get used to, especially for beginners, during the first few times.


SEMrush is a multifunctional SEO tool that performs exceptional backlink checks with its backlink audit feature. It discovers and analyses your website’s backlinks and assigns a ‘toxic’ score based on its authenticity. The toxic score comes from factors such as the linking site’s credibility and the nature of the connected domain.

From there, you can identify and deal with spammy backlinks through Google Search Console. You can also disclaim spammy links by directly creating and uploading the files to disavow, simplifying managing backlinks.

SEMrush also shows reports such as backlink profiles referring to the site, links anchor texts, and the link type, which gives the user a clear picture of the link-building process. It is among the best backlink analysis tools with extra features like keyword research, site audit, and competitive analysis. SEMrush is the ideal tool for all your SEO needs, which makes its price point slightly higher than the average tool.

Moz Link Explorer 

Moz Link Explorer does extensive backlink analysis and provides in-depth information on backlinks. It also has a spam score that estimates a linking domain’s threat level so you can remove undesirable links that harm your website’s ranking on Search Engines.

Moz also informs you on the domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) to help estimate your site’s general power and influence. It is also among the friendliest tools, with high-level proficiency and detail.

The tool also updates often to provide accurate information and has detailed instructions and how-tos to assist you in navigating through the features. Paid subscribers also get extensive link metrics and historical backlink information.


Majestic is a backlink analysis tool with metrics and an extensive SEO database. It scrutinizes backlinks using Trust Flow and Citation Flow features to estimate the quality level of various backlinks.

Trust Flow measures the link quality, while Citation Flow estimates the quantity. These metrics provide a multi-dimensional outlook of a website’s backlink profile that helps distinguish between quality and potentially toxic links.

Majestic backlink analyzer also provides users with historical data to help see backlinks performance over a given period and help define long-term trends and the impact of your SEO efforts. It also translates anchors and pin-points them to a particular page where you can see the keywords or phrases associated with the backlinks.

Finally, its extensive database with the entire backlink profile enables you to check multiple backlinks by URL.

Google Search Console 

Google Search Console (GSC) is one of Google’s most valuable and free tools for crawling backlink data and other related data. It gives you the exact data on your backlink profile and tracks your site’s performance, backlinks, and notifications on penalties such as manual action.

Google Search Console also has a disavow tool that allows you to add a disavow file that ignores unwanted backlinks. It helps clean your website’s SEO reputation and avoid unnatural links that can penalize you.

Also, GSC works with other Google applications like Google Analytics to give you a complete picture of your site’s status. However, it cannot analyze a toxic score or provide detailed domain statistics like premium SEO tools.


Keeping your SEO profile clean and maintaining good rankings requires you to distance yourself from spammy backlinks. It helps avoid strict penalties and damaging your online reputation or credibility. Professional tools like Ahrefs, SEM, Moz, Majestic, and GSC can streamline and expedite identifying dangerous spam backlinks on your website. Each tool has a backlink spam checker and other distinctive SEO traits based on various users’ requirements and financial capacities.

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