5 Factors to Focus on When Picking Goalkeeper Gloves

5 Factors to Focus on When Picking Goalkeeper Gloves
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If you’re a goalie and want to do your very best on the football pitch, you’re going to need the right set of gloves. While poor gloves can impair your performance, the best ones help you do so much better, boost your confidence, and reduce the risk of injury.

But how to find them? Here are five key factors to focus on (and one to ignore) when picking your next set of goalkeeper gloves.


“Cut” is one of those terms that may confuse new keepers. But it’s something you have to learn and understand if you hope to find your dream set of gloves.

Here are the basics: cut basically refers to the way that the palm and backhand sections of the glove are stitched together. There are several kinds of cuts. Every goalie, from schoolyard players to Premier League pros, will find one type of cut that works better for them than the rest. You may have to experiment with a few different cut types to figure out which feels comfiest for you.


The backhand – the rear section of the glove – is crucial for goalies who love to punch. It helps to absorb the impact of the ball and deliver the most powerful hits as you punch it. In simple terms, that means gloves with strong, padded backhands will help you punch the ball higher and further away.

That’s so important for dealing with dangerous balls floated into the box from crosses and corners. If you’re eager to minimise the risk in those kinds of situations, make sure your goalkeeper gloves have a solid backhand section.

Finger Protection

When people think about football injuries, they usually focus on outfield players and all their twisted ankles and hamstring tears. But the fact of the matter is that goalies, just like everyone else on the pitch, are also at risk of injury.

Sprained wrists, phalange fractures, dislocations, tendon damage – there are a whole bunch of nasty injuries goalies have to watch out for. To reduce your odds of getting hurt, try to focus on gloves with safety features. Like finger spines, which absorb impact and protect your fingers from bending back and getting stretched too far.

Closure System

Closure systems – the parts of gloves that determine how they open and close – might not seem like such an important aspect of glove anatomy. However, they can have a major influence on how comfortable your gloves are to wear, so it’s worth keeping them in mind when making your choice.

When it comes to closure, it’s all about personal preference. Some goalies like the ease and convenience of a Velcro closure, which snaps open and shut in an instant. Others prefer stretchy elastic bands that adjust to the size and thickness of their wrists.


Last, but certainly not least, comes the palm. This is the part of your gloves that will spend most time in contact with the ball. You’ll use it when pushing the ball away, catching it, rolling or throwing it out, and so on. In short, it matters a lot.

Poor palms can be slick and slippery, causing the ball to fall through your fingers and reducing your level of control. To avoid this, make sure to focus on goalkeeper gloves with strong palms and high levels of grip. If you tend to play in rainy conditions often, look for palms made of aqua latex.

One Factor to Ignore: Aesthetics

Before finishing up, we’ll address one factor that simply isn’t as important as the others listed above: aesthetics. A lot of keepers, particularly younger ones, put too much stock in how gloves look, preferring to pick a cool or trendy pair, rather than a pair that actually helps them on the pitch.

While it’s nice to play in stylish gloves, their colours and patterns won’t have any impact on your performance. It’s much wiser to focus on factors like safety, comfort, and control when picking your gloves, rather than worrying about what they look like.

Choose Your Dream Goalkeeper Gloves

There you have it. Five essential factors that should guide you towards the ideal pair of goalkeeper gloves to up your game. Remember to consider your personal play style, too, and never settle for gloves that don’t feel quite right.

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