What To Consider When Buying Electric Blankets?

Electric Blankets

electric blankets

With winter around the corner, it’s high time to upgrade your wardrobe with woollen clothes and make your home winter ready. From buying woollen clothes to inspecting your chimney and re-caulking your windows and doors, there is a lot to consider to make winter easygoing. However, one of the most important things people often overlook is preparing their bed for the winter season. It is vital to make your bed winter-ready to keep yourself warm and cosy during chilly winter months. 

Yes, layering your bed with woollen bed sheets or using a thermostat can prove to be very beneficial during colder months. But nothing works better than electric blankets. When you need a little extra heat, an electric blanket can be a great help during cold winter nights. Be it a bed, sofa or couch, you can use this versatile blanket anywhere you feel like. 

However, with the plethora of options available in the market, it can be tough to choose a perfect electric blanket from the pool of options. Don’t get confused. We have got your back. 

Herein, we have listed a few factors to consider when shopping for electric blankets. 

Without further discussion, let’s get started.

electric blanket

Tips To Buy Electric Blankets

A heated blanket is an ideal solution to spend your winters comfortably and stay cosy all day long. An ideal blanket is the perfect blend of all features and provides a maximum level of protection from winter. 

So, look for the following factors to ensure you buy an electric blanket that caters to all your winter requirements.


1. Fabric Is A Must-Have

When shopping for electric blankets, one of the most important things to consider is fabric. Electric blankets are available in a range of materials like polyester, fleece, faux fur and a lot of other materials. 

Choose the material as per your choice and comfort. The best option is polyester to beat the chilly winter season. It is an ideal material to add warmth for colder nights. Moreover, these blankets are super soft, cosy and plush. 

Avoid using heating blankets made of cotton as these are more flammable. 


2.   Features

This is one of the essential factors to consider when buying electric blankets. Your heating blanket must have the following features so that you can survive the winter season in the best way possible. 

  •       Heating Setting: An ideal electric blanket is one that comes with adjustable heating settings, making it easier for you to regulate the temperature of the blanket at your convenience.
  •     Plug Location: This is very obvious. Most heating blankets come with a connector in the middle or corner. Depending on your outlet location, make sure to consider cord length and position.
  •   Timers: Heating blankets are more than just keeping you warm. From relaxing your muscles to alleviating joint pain, these blankets offer a whole host of benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a blanket that has a timing feature so that you can apply heat to specific body parts for a particular amount of time. This feature is also a great help in case you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night just to switch off the blanket.


3. Consider Safety

Safety should be the top priority when buying electric blankets. Make sure to buy the one that has been certified by a well-known organisation to ensure that the product is safe to use. 

Moreover, these magical blankets can easily make you fall asleep and doze off to dreamland. So, look for electric blankets that have an auto-shutoff feature to avoid overheating. 


4. Consider Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best way to judge which product is best for you or which is not. The same rings true in the case when buying electric blankets. 

When shopping for electric blankets, make sure to consider customer reviews to make an informed decision. Yes, features and benefits should also be considered but unbiased information from customer reviews can help you choose the best heating blanket.


5. Washable

Yes, it is true that “electric” and water don’t go hand in hand. It is often mentioned on electric products to keep them away from water. 

However, the latest electric blankets are washable. Just like other blankets, electric blankets are also prone to dust and dirt. It is vital to keep them clean to improve their life span. So, buy an electric blanket that is washable. However, make sure to read the user manual and follow all the care label instructions to avoid damage to the product. 

Also, don’t forget to remove cables, cords, remotes and any other attachments. Check the packaging to see if your electric blanket is machine washable or not. 

Apart from the above, consider the size of the blanket and your budget to buy the best electric blanket.

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