The Untold Story of Ozzy Osbourne’s Ex-Wife Thelma Riley

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When you hear the name Ozzy Osbourne, what comes to mind? The Prince of Darkness, the legendary rocker, the reality TV star, and perhaps the godfather of heavy metal? While Ozzy’s life in the public eye has been extensively documented, his first wife, Thelma Riley, often remains in the shadows. Thelma’s story is an intriguing and essential part of the Ozzy Osbourne saga. In this blog, we will delve into the untold story of Thelma Riley, a woman who played a crucial role in Ozzy’s early life.

Who is Thelma Riley

Thelma Riley was Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife. She was married to the legendary British rock musician, John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne, before his rise to fame as the frontman of Black Sabbath and his later solo career. Thelma and Ozzy had two children together, Jessica and Louis, during their marriage.

Thelma Riley’s significance in Ozzy’s life lies in the early years of his career, where she supported him through the challenges of pursuing a career in music. They experienced the struggles of a working-class life together, and her unwavering support during this period played a crucial role in Ozzy’s journey toward becoming a rock icon. The couple eventually divorced in 1982.

While Thelma Riley is not a public figure or celebrity herself, her role in Ozzy Osbourne’s early life is part of the less-publicised aspects of his biography and is a testament to the support and sacrifices of partners behind the scenes of famous musicians.

Family Relationship 

Thelma Riley came into a relationship with Ozzy Osbourne during their teenage years when they both lived in Birmingham, England. The exact details of how they met might not be widely documented, as their relationship developed long before Ozzy’s rise to fame. However, it’s believed that they met through mutual friends or in their local community.

Ozzy Osbourne, born John Michael Osbourne, was not yet the iconic rock star he would become. At that time, he was just a young man with a passion for music and a rebellious spirit. Thelma was drawn to Ozzy’s personality and may have shared similar interests, which brought them closer together.

Their relationship blossomed, and they eventually got married. Thelma Riley’s support during the early years of Ozzy’s career, as he struggled with poverty and worked odd jobs to make ends meet, played a significant role in his journey toward becoming a famous musician. While the specific details of their courtship may not be widely publicized, their love story began in their youth and laid the foundation for the rest of their lives together.

The Love Story Begins

Before the fame, fortune, and notoriety, John Michael Osbourne, better known as Ozzy Osbourne, was just a young lad from Birmingham, England. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Thelma Riley, who would become his first wife and the mother of his first two children, Jessica and Louis.

Ozzy and Thelma’s love story began like many others in their generation, amidst the backdrop of post-war Britain. They were both teenagers when they met, and their connection was immediate. Thelma was drawn to Ozzy’s rebellious spirit, and he, in turn, found solace and companionship in her.

The Early Struggles

Ozzy Osbourne’s life was never a smooth journey to stardom. Long before the days of Black Sabbath and his solo career, he and Thelma faced countless challenges. They struggled with poverty, living in a small house in Aston, a working-class neighborhood in Birmingham. Ozzy took on various jobs, including construction and plumbing, to make ends meet. It was during this time that he started honing his musical talents, first as a vocalist in local bands and then in the legendary Black Sabbath.

Thelma, too, played a crucial role in supporting Ozzy’s nascent music career. She was there during his early gigs, sometimes even helping carry equipment. She believed in his talent and dreams, and her unwavering support would prove instrumental to Ozzy’s eventual success.

The Black Sabbath Era

In 1968, Ozzy joined forces with Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward to form Black Sabbath, a band that would go on to redefine the landscape of rock and metal music. Thelma’s role during this time was pivotal as well. While Ozzy was often on the road or in the studio, she was left to care for their growing family, which was no small task.

The life of a rock star often comes with its own set of challenges, and Thelma was subjected to the same pressures and temptations that many partners of musicians face. Yet, despite the strains, she remained dedicated to her family and her belief in Ozzy’s talent.

The Dark Side of Fame

Thelma Riley
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By the early 1970s, Black Sabbath had achieved worldwide success, but this newfound fame came at a price. The band’s relentless touring and hedonistic lifestyle took its toll on Ozzy, and his relationship with Thelma began to unravel. Substance abuse issues further strained their marriage, and in 1982, they divorced.

The dissolution of their marriage marked a turning point in Ozzy’s life. He was dealing with severe addiction issues, and his career was hanging in the balance. Thelma’s departure had a profound impact on him, and he later admitted that he regretted not appreciating her enough during their time together.

Thelma’s Legacy

Thelma Riley’s story is more than just a footnote in Ozzy Osbourne’s biography. She is a testament to the strength and resilience of partners who stand by artists during their most challenging moments. While Ozzy went on to marry Sharon Osbourne and became a global icon, Thelma chose a quieter life away from the spotlight.

After their divorce, Thelma focused on raising their children and building a life separate from Ozzy’s tumultuous world. She provided stability for their children and shielded them from the chaos that often surrounded their father.


The untold story of Thelma Riley is a reminder that behind every iconic figure, there are individuals who play an essential but often uncelebrated role. Thelma’s support, love, and sacrifices were instrumental in shaping Ozzy Osbourne’s early life and career.

While the world may know Ozzy Osbourne as the “Prince of Darkness,” Thelma Riley represents the light that guided him through his darkest days. Her story is a testament to the strength and resilience of partners who stand by their loved ones in the face of fame, addiction, and the tumultuous nature of the music industry.

Thelma’s legacy lives on not only in her children but in the unspoken story of her contributions to one of the most iconic figures in rock music history. Ozzy Osbourne’s success is undoubtedly his own, but the untold story of Thelma Riley reveals that he did not walk that path alone.

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