Brianna Coppage, From A Teacher To An OnlyFans Star

Brianna Coppage
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People nowadays do more than two jobs to make ends meet. It might be due to financial reasons, or they don’t quite enjoy the job they do. However, most individuals have a side gig to generate more income. Such is the case of a teacher located in Missouri, Brianna Coppage, who had an OnlyFans account to make ends meet. However, unlike other people, Brianna’s second job landed her in trouble at her first job.

Who is Brianna?

Brianna Coppage used to work as a teacher in Missouri before she was fired from her job because of OnlyFans. Brianna taught high school students and was good at her job. In addition, her account on the adult video site, called OnlyFans, was popular. The 28-year-old Brianna got a new teaching job, but was unfortunately fired days later. Her direct boss said she didn’t comply with the social media policy. She only spent two years at her work, but was sent on a compulsory leave, and fired at the end.

When was Brianna Fired?

Brianna Coppage was asked to go on leave at her teaching job in late 2023. The administrators in charge of the school were the one who ordered her to go on leave. Besides, they were the one who discovered Brianna and her husband run the OnlyFans account together.

A month after the compulsory order for leave, she resigned from the post because she was asked to do so. Many of the school administration felt it was a shameful thing for a teacher to be an adult model. They were concerned about their students seeing their teacher in such erotic outfits and poses.

Brianna’s Reaction

Brianna Coppage Reaction
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Brianna was interviewed by some media outlets and claimed that she didn’t hide anything about her work experience. She stated she laid everything bare to her new employer and why she left her previous jobs. Furthermore, she claimed that the school didn’t do the necessary background check, except for the digital version. The employers didn’t properly check her Google profile and references before hiring her. Yet, once they heard of her OnlyFans, they told Brianna she had violated the school’s policy about social media use.

Brianna’s Acceptance

Brianna, during her resignation process, revealed she wasn’t going to fight the administrators when it comes to her unfair termination. She stressed that she is striving for peace, not violence and insults.

According to her, the hate the school is getting is much more than she expected. Brianna wants the hate to stop, and wouldn’t want the students’ learning to be interrupted by her situation. She further informed the media that the students should have a wonderful school session and resume their normal lives.

Coping With Her Resignation

The erotic model later vented on X that it was difficult for her to adapt to the new routine. Despite claiming to be famous on OnlyFans, she wrote about the subsequent mental struggle she goes through every day. Brianna noted that it was hard for her not to wake up early, prepare for class, and go to school. It was a kind of mental torture for her, to suddenly have no job to go to in the morning. Yet, she feels blessed to still have another job to keep her going. As a result, she isn’t desperately in need of money.

Social Media Declaration

Brianna Coppage didn’t take the matter seriously, as she joked about it on social media. She sat on her living room sofa as she made this post on Instagram. Brianna even asked her followers to recommend some new jobs for her while wearing a sexy outfit. Moreover, Brianna made note that she wasn’t ashamed of being fired as a teacher. Nevertheless, she jokingly implored her followers to tell her the latest hiring posts that might benefit her career. The Instagram reel also contains where her fans can post the link on Instagram.

Fans Reaction

When Brianna’s fans asked her why she was joking about such a serious matter, she explained why. In her words, she is using humor to cope with the otherwise serious situation. In her X (formerly Twitter), Brianna urged her fans to support her, especially on her OnlyFans account. Some of her online followers were curious as to why she has OnlyFans.

Brianna’s Change From An Educator To OnlyFans

The erstwhile teacher confessed she did it for the money. She only earned close to 43,000 dollars in a year as an educator. But when she began to model on OnlyFans, she earned more than a million dollars. She simply needs to look pretty, wear erotic clothes, and tell her followers to subscribe to make money there.


Lastly, Brianna Coppage isn’t the only one to face this kind of issue. A fellow English educator teaching in the same education, Megan, also got in trouble for having OnlyFans. The administrators caught her, just like Brianna. The school authorities found out she too has a subscription-based account on the platform. It was actually her students that discovered her on OnlyFans before reporting to the administrators. Megan, like Brianna, makes more money on OnlyFans than being a teacher.

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Written by Zane Michalle

Zane is a Viral Content Creator at UK Journal. She was previously working for Net worth and was a photojournalist at Mee Miya Productions.

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