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The life of Kaden Brent Carter, a sibling to two popular celebrities, is something many want to know. Kaden is a younger brother to famous singers Aaron and Nick Carter. In addition, he is the last child in the Carter family. Their father was also a known public figure before his untimely death. If you are curious about Kaden’s life, read on to find out more about him.

About Kaden’s family

kaden brent carter family

About Kaden’s famous brothers

Aaron and Nick Carter are the older brothers of Kaden Carter. Aaron is a popular singer, likewise Nick too. Nick is known for his solo music tracks that became popular in the industry. He is also part of Backstreet Boys, a musical singing group. Unfortunately, Aaron died in late 2022. But Nick is still alive. Unlike his brothers, Kaden stays out of the limelight and enjoys his life away from the prying media.

Kaden’s Parents

In 2004, Kaden’s mum and dad got married in a small ceremony with only family and friends in attendance. While the marriage was a first for Kaden’s mom, Ginger, it was his father’s third marriage. The pair divorced later on after the birth of their son, Kaden, and years later, Kaden’s father, Robert, died.

About his father’s death

When Kaden Brent Carter was 12 years old, he lost his father, Robert, to the cold hands of death. He had a heart attack at home and didn’t survive it. Everybody in Carter’s family and their friends know how close Kaden was to his father. You can see many photos of Kaden and his dad on Kaden’s Facebook page. Hence, his death hit Kaden especially hard.

The aftermath of his dad’s death

It was Nick, Kaden’s brother, that broke the news of their father’s death on his social media page. He wrote how heartbroken and sad he was about his father’s death. Then he pleaded for the world to respect the family’s privacy.

Similarly, Aaron also posted the news about their father’s death on his social media page. The late singer added that their father was like a superhero to him. He even shared a picture he had with Robert before his death.

Kaden’s Siblings

From his father’s side, Kaden has six half-siblings and a half-older sister from his mother’s side. That is to say, he is the only child of the Union between his mother Ginger, and father, Robert. But his father already has six children from his marriage to other women apart from Ginger. While his mom has a daughter from another relationship before she married Robert. Her name is Taelyn Dobson. All in all, Kaden has two older brothers on his father’s side. Then, he has one sister on his mother’s side, and four sisters from his father’s side. This means that Aaron Carter and Taelyn Dobson are step-siblings, while Nick Carter and Taelyn Dobson are also step-siblings. Unfortunately, Kaden lost one older sister, and one older brother at a young age.

Death of Kaden’s siblings

Leslie’s death

The first of Kaden’s siblings to die is Leslie Carter in 2012 at just 25 years. She took an overdose of a prescription drug and died. She left behind her husband and a small baby. Her family cremated her body and her husband her ashes.

Aaron’s death

Years later, the second Carter sibling, Aaron Carter, also died. He was found unconscious in his bathroom at his California home by his housekeeper. He never woke up from his coma, and they first told his mum before announcing his death to other relatives. The cause of his death was kept from the media, even after the family performed an autopsy on his corpse. His family cremated his body and gave his ashes to his twin.

Ginger’s relationship with Robert’s ex-wives

Ginger's relationship with Robert's ex-wives
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Nearly two decades ago, Jane Carter, who was previously married to Robert Carter, beat up Ginger, Kaden’s mother. Robert and Jane had just separated, and Robert was dating Ginger at that time. Ginger and Robert were asleep when Jane broke in and assaulted Ginger. Furthermore, Jane dragged Ginger from the room and used an object to hit her head. As a result, the case was reported to the police and Jane got arrested. But Ginger and Robert didn’t press charges and let her go. However, Jane was restrained from going near Ginger and Robert. Since then, their relationship was strained.

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What is Kaden’s net worth?

Kaden Brent Carter is still a minor and a high school kid, hence, nobody knows his job. Consequently, it is hard to determine his net worth because his source of income is unknown. Moreover, Kaden is very private, and his family protects his privacy. Also, he may live with his mother, given his young age. Although his social media page says otherwise because his listed address is different from his mother’s home address.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Kaden Brent Carter is a lovely young man who is not interested in the entertainment industry. But who knows, this might change as he grows older. However, for now, he prefers his quiet lifestyle and the time he spends with his family.

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