How to Get the Iconic Peaky Blinders Look with Classic Suits

Peaky Blinders Suits
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Learn how to create the classic appearance of the characters from the hit television show Peaky Blinders by learning how to wear crisp suits and unique clothing. If you are a fan of the program and its iconic style, then you will want to learn how to attain this look. In the aftermath of World War I, Birmingham serves as the setting for the television drama, which follows the Shelby crime family as they negotiate the criminal underground.

The flawless style of the characters, particularly the fitted Peaky Blinders suits that they wear, is one of the characteristics of the program that leave the most lasting impressions. We are going to go into how you can adopt the appearance of Peaky Blinders for yourself by providing you with some essential pieces of clothing and some styling advice in this blog article.

The characters in Peaky Blinders are characterized by their unique style, which begins with their outfits. Choosing fitted three-piece suits in colors such as gray, navy, or brown is the best way to accomplish this famous design. It is recommended that the Peaky Blinders Suits be worn with a fresh white dress shirt and that they have a shape that is thin. A pocket square or tie with a vintage-inspired pattern may add an additional layer of refinement to your look. Don’t forget to round off your appearance with a traditional peaked cap or a newsboy hat, both of which are important accessories for achieving the genuine Peaky Blinders atmosphere.

In addition to the outfits, footwear is also an essential component in order to successfully capture the Peaky Blinders vision. If you want to compliment your attire, use brogues or leather oxford shoes in a dark brown or black color. The 1920s saw a surge in popularity for these styles, which will help you achieve a more cohesive overall appearance. Adding a pocket watch that is attached to a chain is another way to give a touch of old-world charm to your outfit. This is an excellent way to complement the vintage vibe of the Peaky Blinders attire.

In order to properly embrace the Peaky Blinders appearance, it is important to pay attention to details such as haircuts and facial hair when it comes to grooming matters. Many of the characters on the program have haircuts that radiate confidence and sophistication, such as slicked-back hairstyles or textured cropped hairstyles. If you want to obtain a haircut that is directly influenced by the 1920s, you may think about going to a barber that specialized in vintage cuts. When it comes to facial hair, if you feel that a well-groomed beard or mustache enhances your own style, you should go for it.

In order to truly channel your inner Tommy Shelby or Arthur Shelby, it is important to remember the importance of confidence. Having a sense of ease and self-assurance in the clothes that you are wearing is essential to successfully executing any style. In the same way as a real Peaky Blinder would, walk tall, speak with power, and take ownership of your appearance. It is important to keep in mind that fashion is not only about clothes; rather, it is about expressing oneself and adopting a particular perspective or identity.


As a result of its superbly fitted suits, classic accessories, and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to grooming, the Peaky Blinders style has effectively become synonymous with enduring elegance and refinement. You will be able to enter the world of Tommy Shelby and his gang with self-assurance and a sense of swagger if you follow these advice on how to get the famous appearance of Peaky Blinders. Take advantage of this fashion trend that is influenced by old styles and make it your own by incorporating unique touches while yet remaining faithful to its origins in British menswear from the 1920s. Now is the time to don your Peaky Blinders attire, put on your flat cap, and be ready to attract attention wherever you go with your effortlessly amazing style!

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