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From a well-known millionaire to a business tycoon, chairman of a football club, and pornographer, David Gold was a popular British personality who died at the age of 86. 

David Gold was a self-made multi-millionaire who lived a true rags-to-riches life. He was the joint chairman of West Ham United which is a British professional football club. It was on 4th January 2023 when David passed away due to a short illness. The death of David came as a surprise for both business experts and football fans.

There are many things about David Gold that you may know.

In this blog, we have mentioned the key details about David Gold’s net worth, lifestyle and other details.

So, without further delay, let’s get started. 

All About David Gold That You May Not Know

  1. Early Life

Born in 1936 in Stepney, David grew up in East London. His father was a Jew while his mother was a Christian. You will be surprised to know that David’s father was a criminal who was in prison during David’s childhood years.

From his childhood only, David had a keen interest in playing football. He was even a player in West Ham youth team football. That’s not all!

He was even asked to sign a form as an apprentice football professional for the first team. However, his father denied to counter-sign.

  1. A Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur

David Gold was a well-known name in the British business industry. He invested in many companies and ventures during his business career. David was the owner of Gold Group International (GGI), the parent company of Ann Summers which is a multinational retail company and Knickerbox which is a lingerie marketplace. The GGI company was owned by David and his brother Ralph.

Apart from GGI, David and his brother owned Gold Star Publications which was 

a British magazine. The company also provided printing and distribution business services. David was also the owner of Gold Air International which was an air service. However, he sold the company to Air Partner in 2006. 

  1. Chairman Of Football Club

As already mentioned above, David Gold was a die-hard fan of football. He was the former chairman of a famous football club, Birmingham City until 2009. In 2009, David sold Birmingham shares and acquired 50% of the shares of West Ham United F.C. along with David Sullivan in 2010.

Both Gold and Sullivan served as joint chairmen for West Ham United F.C. It was in the same year when they boosted the value of shares of the club by 30% each at a cost of £8 million.

  1. Marriage & Children 

Talking about David Gold’s private life, it was in the year 1957, when David tied the knot with Beryl Hunt with whom he had two daughters. However, the couple got divorced in 1972 after David caught his wife with his friend while both romancing in his swimming pool. That day for David was full of betrayals as on the same day he even caught his father stealing his shares.

His ex-wife Beryl Hunt passed away in 2003. As of 2012, David started living with his fiancée, Lesley Manning in Surrey. Taking about his two daughters: Vanessa and Jacqueline. Just like their father, both daughters walked into the footprints of their father and are well-known names in the business industry.

Both Jacqueline and Vanessa are doing well in the business world. Jacqueline Gold is the CEO and Vanessa Gold is the Managing Director of two different brands: Ann Summers and Knickerbox Ltd. 

To people’s knowledge, Ann Summers is an online marketplace dealing with a lot of products like sex toys, nightwear, fancy dresses, wellness items and lingerie to name a few.

On the other side, Knickerbox is the one-stop destination to buy lingerie, briefs and underwear. 

  1. David Gold’s Net Worth 

Being a successful entrepreneur and the chairman of one of the famous football clubs brought abundant luxury, fame and reputation to David Gold. He was a self-made millionaire who lived a true life from rags to riches. 

As per Sunday Times Rich List, David Gold’s net worth was £460 million in 2020.

  1. David Gold’s Death 

West Ham United F.C.’s joint-chairman, David Gold passed away on 4th Jan 2023 due to a short illness at the age of 86.

David’s fiancée Lesley and his both daughters Vanessa and Jacqueline were present by his side when he took his last breath. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Above all, David Gold was a great entrepreneur, proud father, football lover and a self-made millionaire. That’s all about him. 

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