Top 5 Work Order Management Software Features for Repair Shops

Work Order Management Software
Work Order Management Software

A repair shop is a challenging place where you have to manage a number of processes. From taking the responsibility of fixing a cell phone, computer, or watch to delivering it to the owner, you have to keep an eye on inventory, marketing customer responses, repair job tracking, etc.

To streamline all these ongoing operations, you need the best work order management software. Therefore, this post will discuss the top 5 features to look for in such a system for your repair shop. This way, you can make an informed decision and grow your business without hassling a lot.

Repair Job Tracking

Tracking a repair job is probably one of the hectic tasks at a repair store. Let’s say a smartphone, computer, or jewelry owner enters your shop and wants you to fix their gadgets. You discuss the prices, and after a slight negotiation, quote them a final rate for the repair job.

From that moment, they remain curious and ask about the status of the repair job after every few hours. This can be frustrating when you are fixing multiple devices at a time. Also, you can’t stay in contact with a single customer every time. You have to deal with other customers as well.

This is where repair order software comes into play. By equipping this automation tool at your lab, you can create a ticket against every device. Then, you can assign the repair job to any of the technicians available at the moment.

This way, whenever someone inquires about the repair status, you can simply track the ticket. Along with that, the software comes with a notification feature. This way, when the repair job is completed, your technician can mark it, notifying the customer. So, they can revisit your shop and pick up their device.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is one of the most demanding yet time-consuming and tough tasks at a repair shop. You have to keep an eye on several repair parts and accessories coming in and going out of your shop. If you rely on manual methods like paperwork and carbon copies, you are giving yourself a lot of trouble.

Inventory management is one of the best available features a work order system offers for your repair shop. It helps you stay on top of your inventory. A notification feature will let you know whenever a part or item is short in the stock.

You can reorder the repair item and never lose any chances of making sales. This way, you can streamline repairs with work order management software and serve your clients in the best possible way. In addition, you don’t have to look for the contact details of the suppliers again and again. The software can save the details of your vendor so that you can reorder similar products from your desired suppliers.

Customer Experience

A work order software’s value for repair shops lies in enhancing customer experience. When you decide to pick a work order system for your business, ensure it can offer great client service.

  • Loyalty and Gift Cards: You can offer your permanent clients gift and loyalty cards. For instance, they can get a 20% discount on their next purchase or on special events and holiday season.
  • Personalized Experience: The software can help you organize all the data and get back to the clients on time. This way, you can offer them a personalized experience.


It would be a blessing if you could promote your repair shop without hassle. Without advertising, it will be challenging to expand. Thus, it would be a blessing if you could promote your repair shop without hassle.

The best work order management software can really help you a lot in this regard. Using this system, you can send promotional messages and campaigns to your clients. Therefore, they would know what repair services and accessories you provide at your shop.

In addition, you must look for small business marketing strategies in 2024 to further enhance your reputation. You can look for online modes such as social media, SEO, etc.

Online Appointments

Last but not least, if a work order software offers online appointment features, that would be great. Why?

Your customers can directly book appointments before visiting your shop. They don’t have to wait in the queue (it happens mostly during weekends and the holiday season).

Along with that, you can plug the appointment widget into your website. This way, any phone or computer owner can easily book repair appointments, saving time for both parties. You can share quotes, start conversations, and get back to their queries and concerns.

Final Words

Work order software can prove to be extremely helpful in streamlining your repair shop’s operations. If you want to equip it at your store, ensure it has all the above-mentioned features. So, you can save time and hassle less and serve every customer in a personalized way.

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