Tragic Incident at Bournemouth Beach: Police Release CCTV Images of Suspect

Tragic Incident at Bournemouth Beach Police Release CCTV Images of Suspect
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Overview of the Incident

In a grievous turn of events on the evening of May 24, 2024, a fatal stabbing transpired on Durley Chine Beach in Bournemouth, resulting in the demise of a 34-year-old woman and grievous injuries to another 38-year-old woman. Dorset Police have promptly initiated an exhaustive investigation to apprehend the suspect and have recently disseminated CCTV images to bolster their efforts.

Detailed Account of the Incident

On the fateful night of the incident, approximately at 11:45 PM, Dorset Police were notified of reports indicating an assault on two women at the beach. The first victim, a 34-year-old woman, was tragically declared deceased at the scene, casting a pall over the community. The second victim, aged 38, was hastily transported to the hospital, where she currently remains under medical care with severe injuries.

The Suspect and Police Investigation

Release of CCTV Images

Tragic Incident at Bournemouth Beach Police Release CCTV Images of Suspect
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Dorset Police have distributed CCTV images of a man they suspect to be the sole assailant. The images exhibit a hooded figure clad in a dark jacket, traversing the vicinity on the night of the crime. Detective Superintendent Richard Dixey, spearheading the investigation, has underscored the significance of public assistance in identifying the individual depicted in the footage.

Appeal for Public Assistance

Authorities are fervently urging anyone who was present in the areas of Durley Chine Beach, Durley Roundabout, West Cliff Gardens, Durley Gardens, or West Cliff Drive between the hours of 10 PM and midnight to come forward with any pertinent information or footage. Dashcam and CCTV recordings from that night could furnish crucial clues to propel the investigation forward.

Law Enforcement and Community Response

Statements from Law Enforcement

Detective Superintendent Dixey has issued an earnest appeal to the public, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the community’s pivotal role in aiding the investigation. “Since this tragic incident was reported to us, we have been propelling the investigation forward, amassing as much information as possible to procure answers for the bereaved family of the young woman who has tragically lost her life and for the surviving victim. Our thoughts remain with them,” he stated.

Community Support and Safety

In light of this harrowing event, the local community is exhorted to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. Enhanced police patrols and community engagement initiatives are anticipated to be implemented to ensure public safety and provide reassurance to the residents of Bournemouth.

Forensic Investigation

Forensic officers have been scrupulously examining the crime scene over the weekend to collate evidence that could elucidate the sequence of events and the identity of the assailant. Their meticulous work is imperative in reconstructing the circumstances surrounding the incident and providing substantial leads for the investigation.


The fatal stabbing at Bournemouth’s Durley Chine Beach is a tragic episode that has profoundly impacted the community. Dorset Police are unwaveringly committed to unearthing the truth and delivering justice to the victims and their families. Public cooperation is indispensable in this endeavor, and anyone with information is earnestly implored to come forward.

We remain hopeful that through a thorough investigation and robust community support, the suspect will be identified and held accountable for this egregious act.

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