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miguel cazarez moras

Miguel Cazarez Mora  was born on March 1, 2007, making  Miguel Cazarez Mora age is 15 years of age Miguel Cazarez Mora has a height of 5 feet 2 inches.

The Black Phone (2021) is the film for which the actor is most well-known. He is also a social media influencer and model.

Due to his role in the horror movie “The Black Phone,” the young celebrity has seen tremendous popularity.

The buddy of the main character, Robin Arellano, is played by Miguel. The horror film, which Scott Derrickson is directing, has gotten a lot of good reviews from critics. Despite having its premiere in September 2021, this horror film is currently gaining popularity on a global scale.

Both the public and reviewers adore it. Mora is gaining prominence on a global scale as one of the film’s leading figures. The young actor has gained enormous popularity since the movie’s premiere, and he has millions of followers who follow him on social media.

Who Are the Parents of Miguel Cazarez Mora?

Mexican Americans gave birth to Miguel Cazarez Mora in the United States. 

Although Mora hasn’t yet given his parents’ names, he has posted a picture of his mother on Instagram.

The caption on the lovely photo of him and his mother reads, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, I love you so much!!” For always being there for him, he thanked her.

Fans are sure that his cute appearance is a result of his mother’s genes. They can’t quit ogling over her beauty. His father, however, is never mentioned anywhere. Many people assume the actor’s mother raised him alone because the actor hasn’t revealed his identity or appearance. The young actor, however, keeps his parents and their relationship.

According to his Instagram profile, he also posted a photo of himself and his younger brother on Halloween. So he has a cute younger sibling and is not an only child. However, the child’s identity and age are kept a secret as well.

Mora Miguel Zazarez Birthday and Age

Miguel Cazarez Mora age is15-year-old Miguel Zacarez Mora was born on March 1st, 2007.

The young model and actor is of Mexican ancestry and is of American nationality.

His appearance and height

According to his appearance, Miguel Zacarez Mora is about 5 feet 3 inches tall.

The distinguishing characteristic that makes him stick out, even more, is his long hair. The actor takes great pride in showing off his distinctive hairdo.

Has Miguel Cazarez Mora Dated Anyone?

According to reports, Miguel Cazarez Mora is not dating anyone.

 Miguel Cazarez Mora age is only 15 years old, yet his amazing looks make all of his adolescents, primarily female, fans swoon. However, the actor has not stated whether he is dating anyone. He has just started his quest to become a major actor, therefore it is safe to presume that he is now single and concentrating on his work.

Career as an Actor

Through the horror film The Black Phone, Miguel Cazarez Mora made his acting debut an Miguel Cazarez Mora age is only 15 years.

He plays the antagonist in this project, which is his first. His performance is immensely beloved by the viewers. He must have thus been presented with numerous opportunities to work on upcoming projects.

The character of Miguel in the film is a kidnapper. Robin Arellano is also known as The Grabber.

For his horror film, he and Madeleine McGraw were recently seen at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Value of Miguel Cazarez Mora

According to, actor Miguel Cazarez Mora is worth $10,000. Although he has not yet acquired millions of dollars in wealth, the young actor is undoubtedly going to become more successful as he gains more exposure to the industry.

His birthplace and upbringing

American citizen Miguel Cazarez Mora was born in the country. The precise state and city are kept a secret. His current residence is unknown.

Speaking of his upbringing, his mother and father have avoided the spotlight, thus further information about their origin and faith is also a mystery.

Miguel Cazarez Mora on TikTok and Instagram

On Instagram and TikTok, Miguel Cazarez Mora has a decent amount of popularity. He routinely posts TikTok videos depicting the behind-the-scenes activities of his acting career.

He uses the username “Miguel.Cazarez.mora” on TikTok. Mikey is another name for him. Over 8.5 million people have seen his videos, and he has about 2 million followers on TikTok. We discovered he is not only a talented actor but also a talented singer and musician thanks to his TikTok.

Similar to this, Mikey can be found under the Instagram handle “official_miguelcazarezmora.” He has about a million followers there. In comparison to Instagram, TikTok is where the actor is significantly more active.

Hobbies and Interests of Miguel

In addition to focusing on his job in the film industry, Miguel Cazarez Mora has a wide range of interests and pastimes. His passion for playing the electric guitar is one among them. He is renowned for spending hours practising and honing his craft, demonstrating that he is talented not just in acting but also in music.

Miguel also enjoys boxing and has been training for a while. He now counts playing this activity among his favourite pastimes, both for its psychological and emotional effects in addition to its physical advantages. Miguel’s devotion to his interests is evidence of his enthusiasm and dedication, which has won him the love of his followers. While anticipating his

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