A Girlfriend tortured and humiliated her boyfriend by forcing him to swallow toothpaste and Fat-Shaming Horror

Girlfriend Tortures Boyfriend with Toothpaste, Fat-Shaming
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Domestic abuse is a pervasive issue that transcends gender boundaries, yet societal narratives often overshadow the experiences of male victims. In this article, we delve into the harrowing account of Gareth Jones, a victim of coercive control and physical abuse at the hands of his partner, Sarah Rigby. Through his story, we aim to shed light on the broader issue of male victimization in domestic abuse, its psychological impacts, and the available support mechanisms.

Coercive Control and Psychological Abuse

The Case of Gareth Jones

The Case of Gareth Jones
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Gareth Jones, an NHS project manager, endured a relentless campaign of psychological and physical abuse from his girlfriend, Sarah Rigby. Rigby’s manipulative tactics included severe verbal insults, physical assaults, and stringent control over Gareth’s daily life and finances. Her actions, which included calling Gareth derogatory names such as “fat whale” and forcing him to eat toothpaste, exemplify the extreme measures of coercive control.

The Impact of Coercive Control

Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse where the abuser aims to dominate their partner through manipulation and intimidation. This form of abuse can lead to severe psychological consequences for the victim, including:

  • Low Self-Esteem: Constant belittlement can distort a victim’s self-image and self-worth.
  • Anxiety and Depression: The stress of living under continuous threat can result in chronic anxiety and depression.
  • Isolation: Abusers often isolate their victims from friends and family, leaving them without support.

Gareth’s Psychological Trauma

Gareth’s account reveals the profound psychological trauma inflicted by Rigby. He reported feeling degraded, worthless, and fearful, with lasting effects on his mental health. Such experiences are not isolated incidents but reflect a broader pattern of coercive control that many male victims face.

Physical Abuse and Its Consequences

Sarah Rigby's abuse
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Physical Assaults

Sarah Rigby’s abuse extended beyond psychological manipulation to physical violence. Gareth endured regular physical assaults, including kicking, biting, scratching, and hitting. This physical violence left Gareth with visible bruises and a scar on his nose from being hit with a glass candle holder.

Health Implications

The physical abuse Gareth suffered had significant health implications, including:

  • Chronic Pain: Physical assaults can lead to long-term pain and physical injuries.
  • Fear of Medical Consultation: Victims often avoid seeking medical help due to fear of further abuse or stigma.
  • Emotional Scarring: The trauma of physical abuse can result in long-lasting emotional scars, contributing to conditions such as PTSD.

Financial Control and Independence

Rigby’s Financial Domination

Rigby’s control over Gareth extended to his finances, where she managed his £4,000-a-month wages. This financial domination is a common tactic in abusive relationships, aimed at reducing the victim’s independence and ability to leave the abusive environment.

The Impact of Financial Abuse

Financial abuse can have devastating effects, including:

  • Loss of Financial Independence: Victims lose control over their own money, which can make escaping the abusive relationship difficult.
  • Debt and Financial Instability: Abusers may accrue debt in the victim’s name or mismanage their finances, leading to long-term financial instability.
  • Increased Vulnerability: Lack of financial resources can leave victims feeling trapped and more dependent on the abuser.

Seeking Help and Support

Gareth’s Courageous Step

Gareth’s ordeal culminated in March 2022 when he bravely contacted the police, ending his abusive relationship. This step is significant, highlighting the importance of seeking help and the challenges male victims face in doing so.

Support Systems for Male Victims

There are various support systems available for male victims of domestic abuse, including:

  • Helplines and Counseling: Organizations like the Samaritans provide confidential support and counseling.
  • Legal Protection: Victims can seek restraining orders and legal protection against their abusers.
  • Support Groups: Joining support groups can help victims share their experiences and find solace in community support.


The story of Gareth Jones is a stark reminder of the reality of male victimization in domestic abuse. It underscores the necessity of recognizing and addressing the unique challenges male victims face. By raising awareness, providing support, and challenging societal stereotypes, we can work towards a more inclusive and effective approach to tackling domestic abuse.

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