How To Look Classy & Trendy In Patchwork Jeans

Patchwork Jeans

Patchwork jeans

One of the most common pieces of clothing that you will find in every man’s or woman’s closet is jeans. Jeans are one of the most important and common wardrobe essentials. Whether shirt, tee or t-shirt, you can pair the jeans with anything and look amazing. From bootcut to boyfriend, slim taper and relaxed fit, there are a plethora of jeans to choose from. Over the last few years, jeans fashion has truly evolved with time. One of the most trending and women’s favourites is patchwork jeans that can never go out of style. 

You can wear it for any of the events like family gatherings, birthday bashes or lunch dates and look smart and classy. Many popular Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have often been spotted slaying patchwork jeans with a style. 

Apart from famous entertainment personalities, vloggers, bloggers, rappers and many fashion influencers have been spotted wearing cool decorated jeans.

Such jeans feature different coloured and patterned patches that can help you make a statement for your daily style. You can also customise the jeans as per your taste and choice. 


Listed below are some of the ways to look classy and trendy in patchwork jeans.


So, let’s get started.


Tips To Look Classy & Bold In Patchwork Jeans

  • Opt For A Casual Look

You can wear patchwork jeans in any season and summer is no exception. For instance, you can club the blue patchwork jeans with a white tee and look effortlessly stylish and bold with minimal effort. Further pair your outfit with black shoes and style your hair. 

Please note that there is heavy work done on patched jeans and it appears to be slightly heavier than top wear. So, it is better to wear a simple top to maintain a perfect balance.

It is recommended to avoid wearing dark colours or floral tops with patched jeans. Instead, go for lighter shades like white or pink.

  • Club It With Winterwear

As already mentioned above, whether winter or summer, no matter the season, you can wear patchwork jeans whenever you want to look stylish and bold. Talking about the winter, it is very easy to look stylish in your patched denim with little effort and without feeling cold.

For instance, you can club your patched skinny jeans with a crop white sweater. To stay cosy all day long, you can club your outfit with a scarf and long boots and spruce up your personality.

Undoubtedly, these classy jeans can go well with almost every winterwear ranging from jackets to oversized cardigans, sweaters, coats and blazers to name a few. There are myriad ways to experiment with patched jeans in the winter season.

  • Choose A Right Footwear

No matter whether it is a dress or denim, you should pair your outfit with the right pair of footwear to amp up your personality. A wrong choice of footwear can ruin your complete look. This rings true in the case when wearing patchwork jeans. You can club the patched denim with a great pair of boots to look attractive and amazing. 

However, for the summer months, you can wear patchwork jeans with a cool pair of clogs. Clogs are the most versatile pair of footwear that you can wear in any season even in winter. 

Just club your jeans with clogs and look vibrant and colourful. 

  • Pair With Flannel Shirts

The combination of a flannel shirt and patched jeans is one of the most versatile and comfortable duos. You may choose skinny jeans to look super flattering. It is recommended to tuck in your shirt. Make sure to club the entire outfit with a matching bag and footwear.

This outfit is perfect for your everyday look. Whether you are hanging out with your buddies or going for a family lunch, this combination is perfect to make you stand out in the crowd. 

  • Opt For Baddie Fashion

Baddie fashion is the talk of the town and all thanks to the popular social media platform Instagram. It is a fashion typically associated with women that originated on Instagram.

In other words, it is a combination of Instagram-originated streetwear and makeup looks. Baddie fashion is quite popular among the young generation and you can easily rock this popular style with patchwork jeans.

You can pair your patched jeans with oversized t-shirts, sweatpants or cool sneakers. You can also club it with cycling shorts, oversized blazers or bucket hats.

Just imagine how cool you will look!


Closing Words

Apart from the above, there are many more ways to style your patchwork jeans. It all depends on your preferences and taste. 

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Written by Mandy Mills

Mandy Mills is a fashion designer best known for her trending ideas. Her fashion sense is known all over the UK.

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